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A Good Life

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I want you to know that I see you. You’re the mom sitting with your daughter as she does yet one more task for her Early Intervention provider who is gushing over her accomplishments. You’re the dad sitting in on the IEP meeting hearing about all the progress your son is making, listening gratefully to […]

What the Month of June Feels Like

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The month of June feels like school papers left in empty hallways, later bedtimes, and clock-less poolside afternoons. June holds promise of sweaty adventures had in fresh-cut grass. June is fireflies, flip flops, and the birth of fairies. It’s the neighbor’s music dancing through open windows. The month of June also feels like self doubt, […]

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Ten Things to Do After Your Autistic Child’s Program is Set

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It seems impossible, but somehow you’ve crossed everything off your initial to-do list, and your son or daughter is set. Maybe he is now firmly ensconced in an Early Intervention program, and you’ve already booked the eight million school evaluations required to get him into a pre-school program. Perhaps your daughter is older and has […]

6 Ways to Feel Less Broken in a Broken World

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“I need to go to the doctor,” he said. We were heading home after a few hours at one of those indoor kid places filled with bounce houses, climbing structures, and dried turds at the bottom of a colorful ball pit. I asked why, and wondered how quickly the germs he’d been playing with might […]

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An Act of Kindness

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A few weeks ago my mom and my eldest son, who has severe autism, went on one of their favorite outings- a movie and lunch. My mom is an old pro at this by now, and Justin revels in the routine, the same movie theater, the same restaurant, hell, the same lunch. I know he […]

It Wasn’t Autism, Until it Was and Then Wasn’t

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Caillou’s whines bounced around the room’s lemony light the morning I tried to figure out whether my two-year-old was deaf. I muted the TV mid-sentence, and watched. Did he notice?   He was wearing my favorite outfit. Blue shorts and a white polo with rugby stripes along the chest. He wasn’t bald any longer like […]

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Birthday Boy

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My dearest Justin, Last week you turned fourteen. It happened to be field day at your school, and your smile when you saw me waiting for you to perform was magnificent. That smile carries me many days. I usually have a variety of emotions on your birthday. I always take time to remember the first […]