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Keeping Things Stable

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“Mommy, Justin’s praying again” my almost eleven-year-old tells me as he heads upstairs, and as I look behind me in the foyer I see he’s right. His older brother Justin, who is fourteen and severely autistic, has been having “staring spells” for the past two months, and in order to reduce our youngest son’s anxiety […]


On Winter: Then, Now, and Next

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Winter Winter snow pants hang on the door of the coat closet rather than in it. Boots litter the floor along with chunky salt crystals tracked in from the porch. Gloves and hats tumble from an out-of-place box that sits more neatly on a shelf in warmer months. Dark-too-early days combine with school cancellations and […]

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Help Yourself

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It’s been a rough few months with Justin, our severely autistic teenaged son, but even as I’m writing this I know it could be worse, much worse. In my idle moments (there aren’t many, but what woman today has a lot of these) I surf through comments made on Facebook support groups, and despite what’s […]

A Few of My Favorite Things (Not Whiskers on Kittens)

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This is a Listicle Friday post. It’s the prompt for Week 2 of the newly formatted Finish the Sentence Friday writing community. I’m cohosting with Kenya Johnson of Sporadically Yours. This week we’re sharing 10 of our favorite things. I don’t much care for whiskers on kittens as I’m unable to breathe if I’m anywhere near a cat. […]

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Exciting Announcement about Finish the Sentence Friday Improvements and a New Host!

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Hey friends. I know you’re confused about why I’m publishing on a Tuesday when I’ve been such a slacker reliable weekly writer of Finish the Sentence Friday. But guess what? That’s exactly why I’m posting. I have a super duper exciting announcement about Finish the Sentence Friday improvements and a new host! I know! I’m bouncing too! […]

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My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

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Over the years people have asked me about how and when Justin was diagnosed with autism. My boy got an official diagnosis at seventeen months from a developmental pediatrician, received a spectrum diagnosis at a tender age that was very unusual back in 2004. I remember the pronouncement as being anti-climactic, as just a month […]

Hope for the New Year

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As I sing the tune to “Whistle While You Work” which just played on my son’s DVD I see his ebullient smile as he gifts me with his gaze, and as I wrap him tightly in his towel I pull him in closer for a hug. These precious moments of connection have been fleeting in […]