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How Online Friends are Like High School (but Better)

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You ditch math class (and speech class, and that other class that starts first thing in the morning) to drink beer with friends before your dad gets home. Er, maybe you didn’t… but well, anyway.  Your friends are people you can’t imagine not talking to 1,001 times daily even though you didn’t know their names […]

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Disney and Universal

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It’s that time again folks- time for my post-mortem on our semi-annual Disney trip with the McCafferty clan. Spoiler alert- it went great. Just in case someone’s eyes are starting to roll in a “nice that they can afford this” way, I will send a shout out to Grandma who paid for most of this […]

On Beautiful and Painful Priceless Moments

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Remember those priceless moment commercials? They went something like this: Tickets for a family to go to a waterpark: $84.00 Nachos and lemonade at the waterpark: $27.00 A new swimsuit for the child who’d outgrown his: $20.00 Sunscreen for the waterpark: $11.00 Memories from a day of sparkle-filled moments with the family: Priceless Then, they’d […]

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If I’d blinked I would have missed it. As it was I heard my husband frantically calling my name, and I raced into my eldest son’s bedroom, wondering what calamity had befallen us now. When my husband uses “that” tone, it’s usually a calamity. I rushed in to find this tableau spread out before me- […]

Why Do People Like Halloween So Much?

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A ninja, Snow White, and Undertale Sans went to a Halloween parade. They met up with Mario and grim reaper, and were escorted by glowing hair woman, tall creepy guy, and a Handmaid. Why Do People Like Halloween So Much? People like Halloween because they dress up, follow firetrucks and a gigantic pumpkin balloon in […]

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So Many Questions

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I feel his tiny teeth before I see him lock down on the soft flesh between throat and clavicle, and I try not to wince as I attempt to disengage him while carrying on a conversation with a woman with two toddlers in tow. “He’s autistic” I say after she’s come over to me in […]

Dear Kim

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(Editor’s note: this is the letter I would write to myself if I were an old lady telling my younger self things would be okay, even after both boys were diagnosed with autism) Dear Kim, Hi hon. I want you to know, I see how exhausted you are. You just got your severely autistic five-year-old […]