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You Should Know

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We ran into you today at the boardwalk, former aide to Justin and frankly, one of my favorite paraprofessionals ever (trust me, at fourteen he’s had dozens, it’s truly a compliment). I stopped my boy to let you see how tall (and handsome, I’ll be Facebook braggy) he’s gotten, and you couldn’t believe this was […]


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I watched him walk away from me in the dusty barn we call horseback riding home, curious as to why he was heading for the door. I followed behind, helmet in hand, and saw two middle-aged woman standing in the entrance, chatting with one another. I watched as Justin approached them and stopped, and curious, […]

Whether to fix the child or fix the world

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If I had a magic wand, the first thing that comes to mind is that I’d “fix” my son. A dozen others. A billion others. An infinity others. In fact, I’ve said before that if I could have a superpower, that it’d be to have magical healing powers. I’d like to fix all kids who […]

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Silver Lining

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So, two nights ago the outside of our house caught on fire. And I worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about this summer. A little bit after nine o’clock on the fourth of July I had put the kids down, gotten into my pjs, and was preparing to watch the DC fireworks with my […]

4 Essential Safety Tips for Driving Mums

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  Whether you are expecting your first child or have older kids, you need to think about their safety on the road. Your bad driving habits may have fatal consequences if left unchecked. Here are some essential safety tips that every driving mum should know. If you have yet to pass your driving test, check […]

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Try Something New

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Ah, so much to share… We’re in week two of Justin’s first summer hiatus, and there have been regressions and challenges. For the first time in years I’ve had to employ the angel guard on his seatbelt, as he was trying to get out of his seat to rearrange my CDs while I was driving […]

The Final Diving Trip, a Six Sentence Story

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“Babe, help me up – the ladder isn’t down for some reason, and I’m exhausted,” he said treading water, smiling (and twitching a bit) at the thought of his notebook waiting for his recordings of the sea life diversity he’d seen while diving. She looked at him, reached for the rope before getting lost in thought […]

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