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Kids With Autism Can Read Emotions Through Body Language

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Candida Peterson and her team of researchers are conducting a study to disprove the widely-held belief and commonly accepted label that individuals with autism “do not know how to empathize” — meaning, they don’t have the capacity to understand the  feelings and thoughts of others. By showing children between the ages of 5 and 12 […]

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Autism costs could skyrocket, experts warn

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Economists from the University of California, Davis, Health System are now estimating that the current and future costs of caring for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States will continue to escalate in 10 years (from around $268 billion for 2015 to $461 billion for 2025) unless effective interventions and preventive treatments […]

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Families ‘able to breathe’ with new autism program

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Taking care of a child with autism day in and day out can sometimes take a toll on parents and the family dynamics, and a few hours of respite can do wonders in reviving the spirit and replenishing their energy to become better caregivers. That’s why Ben Lanius, CEO of HighPoint Global (an Indianapolis-based government […]

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Research finds baby boys love dolls more than trucks

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A new study from MARCS Institute Babylab at the University of Western Sydney suggests that the preference for gender-specific toys (i.e. dolls for girls and trucks for boys) are not present in babies that are four or five months of age. This challenges the commonly held belief that these preferences are inborn and proposes that […]

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Young adults with autism show improved social function following UCLA skills program

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People sometimes have this general misconception that autism is a childhood disorder and tend to forget that those children who were diagnosed with autism eventually grow up and become adults/young adults in our society. Even though individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum struggle as a result of social deficits, majority of treatments and […]

Originally Published Here: Young adults with autism show improved social function following UCLA skills program


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“Mommy, will you pray for me that my kids aren’t sassy and they don’t have autism?” my youngest son queries me as I struggle not to choke on my lemonade. I am torn between laughing at the “sassy” and taking the second half of the question very seriously, as seriously as I did the night […]

Autism breakthrough: Animation program helps children

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Parents and professionals alike within the autism community are excited about a potentially powerful breakthrough program in the treatment of children with autism. The program, called Invirtua 3D Digital Puppeteer, involves modeling avatars using simple controls to interact with the live, animated 3D characters and operates like a digital puppet show. It was created by […]

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