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Let Toys Be Toys – Why It Matters

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Let Toys Be Toys is a campaign that has the goal of influencing toy manufacturers and retailers to stop categorizing toys by whether they are for boys or girls, but instead categorize the toys in regards to their function. The campaign aims to educate everyone from the retailers to parents as to why the push […]

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Should We Stop Buying Gender Based Toys

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Susie O’Brien, Australian journalist takes a look at what an Australian Senator is trying to achieve by launching a campaign called ‘No Gender December’, which aims to encourage parents to be open-minded when it comes to the toys they buy their kids and steer away from toy gender stereotypes. It seems that the Senator is […]

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Why One Dad Encourages His Son To Play With Dolls

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In a segment of Huffpost Live, father of two sons, Joe DeProspero, and blogger for Parents magazine explains why he encourages his sons to play with toys that are considered traditionally girl toys. In a nutshell, he explains that by limiting what we allow our children to play with based on gender-typical toys, we are […]

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Why I Want My Son, And All Boys, To Play With Dolls

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In his column for the Washington Post, Peter Morris, examines the role of the father and the problems they face by being treated by society as the ‘secondary parent’. In his own experience, he found that when his wife was expecting their first child, he attended every prenatal appointment and even a breastfeeding class, but […]

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The Next Generation Of Autism Educators

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In order to meet the needs of the quickly growing number of children diagnosed with Autism in America today, and to help the families of these children get the help they need, Dr. Laurie Sperry, Ph.D. has opened a new research clinic for Regis University graduates at Denver Tech Center. This program is unique from […]

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Why I’m Letting My Girl Be A Girl

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Jeremy McKeen, writes in his commentary, why he is letting his little girl be a girl and his little boy be a boy. McKeen is an open-minded man, and one can easily pick that up as he explains that, despite the fact he has always offered his son and daughter a wide assortment of toys […]

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Ten Things to Do After Your Child is Diagnosed with Autism

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Last Friday I had the honor of being interviewed by Kerry Magro of Autism Speaks for his cable television show, “Different is Beautiful.” It was wonderful meeting Kerry, whom I’ve long admired, and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my writing and my life with the boys. I love talking about them every […]