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I admit, when it comes to Justin’s childhood, I tend to go overboard. The truth is I never want him to miss out on anything, seeing as I’m not overwhelmed by the landscape of choices he’ll likely have as an autistic adult. I like to push him a bit to at least try something new, […]


Online Therapy Could Revolutionize Treatment For Mental Health Conditions

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Cognitive behavioral therapy has been considered the most effective treatment for depression, but unfortunately for many people suffering from the disorder, having the funds needed or means to get to an appointment can be impossible. A new online program called MoodGYM is changing the way people are getting cognitive behavioral therapy, and now many people […]

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9 Best STEM Toys for Kids

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Have you heard of STEM toys? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and so STEM toys obviously are referring to the toys kids can play with that pertain to these interests. Many parents are becoming more interested in these toys for their kids, and especially parents of daughters when they learn how unrepresented […]

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Shopping for a Girl? Consider Science and Engineering Toys

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A group of toy makers led by the company GoldieBlox, and The American Association of University Women are asking that when you go shopping for a girl, to forget the traditional pink dolls and opt for some very cool science and engineering toys. The nice thing too is that mainstream toy manufacturers are getting with […]

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Boys Who Play With Dolls

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Growing up in a home where you are a little boy who wants to play with dolls, but are shamed either by friends or family to steer clear of these dolls, often causes boys to grow up with unresolved emotional pain. Jason Michael, a gay man and journalist, and once a little boy who wanted […]

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Should I Let My Son Play With Dolls?

Posted on Updated on has a great section called ‘Mom Answers’, and there you will find some thought provoking questions posed by parents, and you can browse the answers submitted by other parents. One parent of a 17-month-old boy asked what other parents thought of the fact she gave her son a baby doll to play with in […]

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The Miracle That Cured My Son’s Autism Was In Our Kitchen

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One of the daunting problems with finding a cure for Autism is the fact that in order to find a cure for any disorder, often a cause has to be known first. Parents of Autistic kids are willing to try anything to help their children and families, and one such mother, Susan Levin who’s twelve […]

Article Source Here: The Miracle That Cured My Son’s Autism Was In Our Kitchen