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I still remember the day I knew my autistic son would remain on the severe end of the spectrum. Justin was five, and in the last few weeks of his pre-school program before he would transition back into district to his hometown public school. I recall going to his classroom for some type of program, […]


And So We Rebuild

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Our feet leave imprints in the sand, and the air smells of salt and potential. I think about breathing, how I need to get in better shape, and about how good the sun feels on my chest. In this moment, life is smiling with the makings of a perfect day. We set up a beach […]

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How to Make Your Home a Safer Environment for Children

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  You may think that your home is a safe and secure environment, but the arrival of a tiny new member of the family is guaranteed to make you look at your home in a whole new light. Children are naturally curious and love nothing more than finding new places to explore and things to

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I Let Her Have Sex With Another Man To Save My Marriage

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  If you had asked me at the start of our relationship if I would let her have sex with another man I would have laughed in your face and told you no way, yet this is how I ended up sharing my wife with another man. We met 12 years ago, working for the

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Dear Readers

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A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have a piece I wrote, a letter to Justin’s future caregiver in a group home, published on the Autism Speaks blog and highlighted in their social media. In it I wrote about my boy’s strengths, weaknesses, and his general adorableness (making that a word). I thanked […]

My Uncle Abused Me When I Was 5 Years Old

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  I’m a man and my uncle abused me as an adolescent boy, twice by the same man (my uncle). The first time when I was five, I was in my room grounded for playing in the paint that was being used to paint the outside of our house. Well, there were three suits on

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Dear Zachary

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Dear Zachary, If you’re reading this letter then your Dad and I have gone to the Great Beyond (not happily, but you know, death and taxes), and of course I had to leave something behind for you. I always enjoyed having the last word. First, let me say what a joy it was to be […]