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The Best Laughter

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The best laughter is when you’re curled into it, unable to breathe. You can’t stop, even when you try. Maybe you’re in church, or at a work meeting. You’re not supposed to be laughing which makes laughing even more desirable. Especially if somebody of authority gives you The Look. You stop laughing. You’re not disrespectful, […]

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Hope Part Two

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My heart hears the sounds first. For five months I’ve been longing to hear his vocal stims, that eternal “eeeee” which punctuates his delight in whatever activity he’s engaged in at the time. Since October I’ve listened to the sounds slowly fade away, to be replaced by a boy bending over at the waist and […]

10 Songs that Make Life Better

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There are few things like music and scent that bring back past memories. Today, when I hear certain pieces of music, I remember crying, being swept completely into the song, and exactly where I was the first time I heard it. Here are 10 songs that make life better. 1. While watching the 1976 Olympics, […]

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It’s now month five of watching Justin struggle with his “episodes,” and after ruling out seizures and tumors and mitochondrial disorder (oh my!) we’ve finally narrowed our options down to two different disorders. My husband and I are big second and third opinion people, so we’ve consulted several different practitioners, and of course, they conflict […]

The Most Important Life Lessons for Contentment

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Life’s lessons are difficult. They come with pain, and sometimes, regret. But ultimately, to live life with content, and enough-ness, there are a few things we can each remember. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned during my own (longish-by-some-standards, shorter-by-others’) life. The Most Important Life Lessons for Contentment You’re never utterly alone, even when […]

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The Feeling Of Jumping From A Perfectly Good Airplane

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Tonight, I’ll tell you about the feeling of jumping from a perfectly good airplane. Here’s how it happened for me… “Wanna see a video of my friend and me skydiving?” he asks. You watch. “I wanna go!” you say. Wait. Really? Maybe. No way. Okay, yes. A few months later, you’re on a flight to […]

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My Body is Ugly and Perfect

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My son and I walk past shop windows and I catch an accidental glimpse of myself. Bad posture, bra straps showing my backfat (there ain’t no sucking in backfat), a too-big belly, too-large breasts and too many wrinkles on my face. Sigh. My Body is Ugly and Perfect. I refrain from flipping my ugly body […]

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