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All I Wanted Was A Fathers Love

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  All I wanted was a fathers love I am sixteen years old, I am known as a mature, happy and well turned out girl, yet despite how others see me, confident, happy and no troubles in life, that it is not true. A fathers love was all I had ever craved as a young […]

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Help Wanted

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Last night the two wonderful BCBAs from my son’s private autism school came over for two hours to give me suggestions on how to make Justin more independent with his nighttime routine. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying “first world autism problems, Kim,” but hell, their services are free, and […]

It’s August. “Will You Watch Me Play?”

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It’s August. “Will you watch me play?” he asks. I don’t want to. In fact, I can think of 1,001 things I’d rather do than watch my not-so-little little boy play Legends of Zelda on his WiiU. I look up, ready to tell him “No.” To explain that I’m working, that watching somebody else play […]

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I Believe

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The other day in my seventeen minutes of free time I happened to run into Barnes and Noble, and as usual I headed back to the kids section to see if anything new was out. As I perused the shelves of books ranging in subject from ADHD to bullying my eye stopped on the autism […]


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Okay people, I will admit this today- I’m tired. Yes I’m tired in part from waking up at 4:00 for no legitimate reason whatsoever (yay aging!) but that’s not really it if I’m to tell the truth. Honestly, massive quantities of chocolate can help that kind of tired. No, it’s a “worrying” kind of tired, […]

I Want You to Know

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Dear Care Giver to Justin, If you’re reading this letter (and I so hope you are) it means I’ve never met you and never will, as I’ve gone kicking and screaming to the Great Beyond (wherever that may be). If you’re perusing this after I’ve just passed I’m sure your co-workers can tell you about […]

On Gapped-Tooth Grins, Poop Jokes, and Having an Eight-Year-Old

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“How old is your kid?” I’d ask. “Eight.” “That must be fun,” I’d smile. “Oh! It IS!” she’d beam. I’d pretend to believe her but secretly felt sorry for the fact that she no longer had a toothless baby or a waddling, gapped-tooth toddler like mine. It was hard to imagine that eight-years-old was as […]

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